40 days of M.

If you don't feel comfortable to M in a group, online or in an event,

you can change your life from your own home.

We are creating a personal journey that take you through the steps of releasing, awakening, re-connecting and recharging. 40 days of M guides you all the way, from exploring your M profile to transforming your life, your body and your sxxual energy.

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The M. profile

We all have a specific way in which we are used to M. The patterns we created stem often from our childhood and are usually based on friction, repetition and tension.

Transformation Process

In 40 days of M. 

you are guided through your own transformation proces. This process will not stop after 40 days, it is a life long journey of exploring deeper juiciness 

and more aliveness on all levels of your life.

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Special Practices

40 days of M. contains special practices to help you learn new ways of M. We have included practices to release shame and guilt, practices to harmonise and re-balance your sxxual energy and practices to awaken deeper pleasure. All practices are focussing on using Masturbat:on as a tool for Transformation. In 40 days of M. we do not focus on peaks and superficial pleasure but on becoming the orgasm:c being that you are. 

This is for you

40 days of M consists of a workbook that includes orgasm:c awakening practices, 

a hangover diary, playlists, audio files, tools for releasing blockages and techniques to awaken

deeper orgasm:c energy. You will also receive a 30 minute online personal support session

from the M. team.

40 Days of M.


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