M. on Monday

We can M. every day of the week, but on Monday we come together online to play, learn and discover. The M. team offers different topics to explore. 

A basic structure and clear guidelines bring a deep level of trust and relaxation to your M experience.

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Kick start the week

Why didn't we learn to prioritise Masturbat:on? Why isn't it 

scheduled in our calendar? Why doesn't is have a place in our lives, just like working out, meetings friends and going to the Park?


Why do we wait until we are in the mood, until we are too hot to handle, until we can't sleep? 


Kaya wondered why not create space for it?  Make it the kick start of the week. Set the tone in the right frequency so we that can all thrive throughout the day feeling sxxual, alive and satisfied.


Every Monday from 8.00-9.30PM CEST we come together.

We create a safe container for your personal exploration. You are welcome to join alone or with your partner. After you have purchased your ticket you will get clear instructions about the set up and the guidelines for the evening. 

Nov 30  | with Rebekka van der Poel

Dec 07  | with Emerald May

Dec 14 | with Pallavi Barnwall

Dec 21 | with Mia Mor

Dec 28 | with TBA

Jan 4  | with TBA

Jan 11  | with Karlijn Kabira

Jan 18 | with TBA

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