Aess Play - Nov 23

Are your open to explore how you can include down under in your M.practice? Aess Play is an amazing intro into exploring this super sensual part of the body. 


In our upbringing we got so many messages that we our Aess is dirty, is a forbidden place, while it is actualy an amazign part of our body that has a lot of super sensitive nerve endings. But not only the Aess also the area around it, has it's own landscape to explore.


Jason is a somatic s'x educator/certified s'xological bodyworker. Jason supports individuals to step into greater agency in their s'x, lives, and relationships, expanding into the fullest potentials of being. He believes pleasure is our birthright and a key tool for personal and collective liberation.


Jason helps clients access deep embodied wisdom to enable profound personal transformation. He works with people of all genders and orientations, and seeks to deeply honour each person’s unique identity and place in our community.

Aess Play - Nov 23