Charge your field- Nov 30

When you want to exprience deeper pleasure it is important to charge your system with energy, to release blockages and to melt the energy that is stuck and holding you back. When you charge your energy, you are not only becomign more free in your bodily expressions, you are also more receptive for deeper Orgasm:c Experiences.


Charge your Field will be guided by Rebekka van der Poel. She is a tantric and s'xual bodyworker who loves to bring more body awareness and reconnect you with you're orgasmic potential. She works with all that stands in the way to fully live the orgasmic being you are.


Trauma's, limited beliefs, stuck emotions, all that's keeping you away from fully streaming is welcome. Rebekka uses different techniques such as body dearmouring, tantra, neuro transformative breathwork, energetic touch, sound, movement, meditation, talks etc. to invite the body to release and expand.


Key words: Touch, nudity, gen;tal touch, sounds, movement, energy, awakening, opening, expanding. 

Charge your field- Nov 30