Ecstatic Full Body - Oct 26

Did you know that your body is full on Ecstatic. That we can reach higher levels of orgasm:c pleasure through specific touch, breath and movement. When we are ready to let go, when we dare to surrender and allow our bodies to lean in and relax, we will discover a new inner world.


Key words: Touch, nudity, gen;tal touch, sounds, movement, energy, awakening, opening, expanding. 


Ecstatic Full Body will be guided by Kabira Karlijn. She loves to create a world filled with connection, ecstacy, freedom, bliss, liberation, spaciousness, joy, juiciness, clarity, presence, opening and unconditional love for all.  Kabira is passionately dedicated to expand your ability to experience love and presence.


Kabira offers ecstatic experiences, transformational retreats, gentle reminders & private coaching through simple, hands-on and deeply transformational techniques.


A powerful blend of Tantra, yoga, Psychology, dance and healing practices, to increase your awareness of your body, mind and soul in order to rise above duality and experience ourselves as who you truly are.

Ecstatic Full Body - Oct 26