Deep Opening- Dec 21

How deep do you dare to open? How deep do you dare to go? Did you know that there is a space beyond? Beyond the sxxual, beyond the physical, beyond what is known?


Your Mia Mor about Deep Opening

A dive into the cosmic womb to ignite creativity, nonduality and your erotic essence. Let me take you on a journey of dissolving the limits of reality, to touch the infinite, expansive skin of the universe. This experience extends far beyond the physical, encompassing a realm of the field awareness often lost to us in our intimate experience. Let the waves of space itself caress you, and galaxies collide within your delicate chambers.


To fully feel this experience, dim the lights, create your own cosmic cocoon of softness and have some body oil available if you like.


You may wish to have your favourite wand or plug available, if the desire to penetrate yourself arises. The intention is for you to touch and caress the deepest core of you, physically and/or metaphysically.


Mia Mor will guide you in the M. space of Deep Opening. A journey into teh deptsh of self, the body, the sxx and the void.


About Mia

Mia Mor is a shamanic bodyworker, an erotic poet and a cosmologist. Her background is in studying culture and dance the world over, particularly the therapeutic gift of creative arts. As a dance teacher and body worker, she encourages the natural movement and flow of the body to unfold. She has published 2 poetry collections and written a play about the female form of 'Lucifer'. Her deepest passion is to guide people into the 'void' - a spacious, infinite dark of the universe embodied.

Deep Opening- Dec 21