Orgasm*c Waves -  Dec 07

Key words: Touch, nudity, gen;tal touch, sounds, movement, energy, awakening, opening, expanding. 


Orgasmic Waves will be guided by Emerald May


Emerald’s calling is to support all beings to embody radical self-acceptance and authentic self-expression. She believes if we live from a place of listening to our body’s wisdom and truth, knowing our own boundaries plus having the courage to speak them, we can open the doors to living a more meaningful life, remembering who we really are. Using deep personal enquiry through sexuality as a conduit to this transformational work, she works as a conscious sexuality and kink educator and coach and is currently training as a sexological bodyworker.  She is also co-founder of Vermilion, a wellbeing community that celebrates and cultivates Eros as life force energy.



Emerald May



Orgasm*c Waves - Dec 07