P*ssy Devotion - Nov 2

In P"ssy Devotion we will honor the P"ssy's of all people. Maybe you didn't know but in the womb we all had the same configuration. In some body's the p'ssy closed and became a c'ck.  The p'ssy developed the lips in one body, while the inner lips became the balls in another body.


Join us in this amazing session for every BODY who wants to explore, feel or listen to the devotion of all P"ssy's.


Keywords: Oil, release, expression, sounding, breathwork, movement, safety, grounding in the pelvis.


P"ssy Devotion will be guided by Ariana Norcia. 


Ariana Lara Norcia, under the name SoulSeductress, combines tantra, dance & sensuality as tools to bring a deeper sense of embodiment and wholeness.


While studying as a dance teacher Ariana simultaneously studied tantra, and later on continued with bio-dynamic therapy. What she found most valuable however was tuning into her inner-world. Trusting her intuition, bodily wisdom and sensitivity has allowed her to work in depth with her clients. People tend to find her when they are working on being more present in their (physical, emotional, energetic) body.


Sensuality has been an amazing approach to bringing joy into overworked, traumatized or desensitized bodies. One firm believe that has helped Ariana through life and in working with people is that the love of the heart holds the capacity to heal every part of us and SO much more.




P*ssy Devotion - Nov 2