Pleasure & Pressure - Oct 12

To activate more and deeper sensastions we play with intenser touch. When we add pressure to our touch in a conscious way, the body awakens a more layered field of sensitivty.


With pleasure and pain sharing the same brain circuits and with some of the same hormones being released when we experience pleasure and pain... it’s no wonder some people enjoy pain with their pleasure! Have you ever fantasised about experiencing a little pain with your pleasure?


Join Emerald May a conscious kink educator and coach, who will be sharing her love of variety of sensations and exploring how to combine exquisite pleasure and pain in your masturb'tion practise.


Key words: Touch, nudity, gen;tal touch, sounds, movement, energy, awakening, opening, expanding. 


About Emerald May

Emerald’s calling is to support all beings to embody radical self-acceptance and authentic self-expression. She believes if we live from a place of listening to our body’s wisdom and truth, knowing our own boundaries plus having the courage to speak them, we can open the doors to living a more meaningful life, remembering who we really are. Using deep personal enquiry through sexuality as a conduit to this transformational work, she works as a conscious sexuality and kink educator and coach and is currently training as a sexological bodyworker.  She is also co-founder of Vermilion, a wellbeing community that celebrates and cultivates Eros as life force energy.



Emerald May





Pleasure & Pressure - Oct 12