Premature Ejaculation - Nov 9

How can Premature Ejac'lation be a portal for more aliveness, more energy, more love and more sensations? In this M. on Monday we will focus on the journey of s'xual mastery.


Premature Ejac'lation is not a session for men only. Every BODY who longs for deeper opening, meeting your inner lover, relaxation into s'xual surrender is welcome to join us.


Premature Ejac'lation is guided by Paal Buntz. Paal is an experienced workshop facilitator and coach. He is the founder of The Wildman Program, where he has guided men to find their Masculine Power and more profound confidence in bed, relationship, and in life. For over 20 years, Paal has passionately explored deeper levels of consciousness through tantra, shamanism and different healing modalities. Paal is a certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker. He is also an accredited coach/therapist (NLP/The Journey).


Key words: Touch, nudity, gen;tal touch, sounds, movement, energy, awakening, opening, expanding.

Premature Ejaculation - Nov 9