The M. Circle

The M. Circle is your monthly pleasure boost. We come together to release, create, inspire and celebrate. We free our bodies and minds from limiting beliefs and old imprints. We normalise sxxuality, sensuality and masturbat:on. The M. Circle welcomes you and all your feelings in a safe and sacred setting. 

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Being seen

We all long to been seen, to belong, to feel safe.  We all long to be accepted,  to feel welcome and to feel loved.

In the M. Circle we honour the aliveness of the amazing sensual delicate and orgasmic body we live in.  We create the circle to celebrate pleasure, wisdom, connection and ecstasy. We want to peel off the layers of contraction and return to expansion.

We re-connect with essence of our being. 


Every circle is charged by the group and the feelings that are alive in the moment. But one thing always stays the same, the circle is the place where Masturbat:on is used as fuel for Transformation.

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