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We are M.

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The M. Team

Kaya Jiwan is the founder of This is M, but she is not the only contributor of this amazing platform. Kaya is lucky to have

the M. team on board with her. They are an amazing international group of professionals who live for their passion.

From relationship coaches to intimate practice partners, from 

dakini to sxxological bodyworkers and p*ssy specialists.


All members of the team have extensive knowledge of the body, sxxual energy, orgamsic potential, transformation and masturbat:on. 

Together we want to create a world where pleasure is our birthright, where masturbat:on and sxxuality are no longer weird and dirty, but sacred and celebrated. 

Curious what it takes to become a member of the M. team? Feel free to reach out to us.

Always busy

Because the world changes every day 

the M. team is always inspired to develop new on- and offline practices.

We support each other in learning and growing on our own path of transformation by sharing insights and being the mirror. Through specific self-care practices we charge our body with high levels of energy so we are ready to be in service of you

in the best possible way.

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

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