The M. Weekend

“ I found out that my way of M. only scratches the surface of what is possible. I mean, I never realized that I can feel deeper sensations, more energy and have different kind of org*sms.  This weekend did not only inspire me to let go of my M. patterns, it also improved my life in an incredible way.”

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Awaken a new you

For a lot of people M. is something they do quick, with a specific goal in mind or as a shallow fix because they are bored, lonely or want to fall asleep. 


Some people don’t do it at all, they stopped because they have a satisfying sxx life or because they lost inspiration and appetite. Others have a strong urge to come every day, stuck in the loop of compulsive chasing org*sm, often in combination with prn, they the lost the magic of this beautiful self love practice.


In The M. Weekend we will explore masturbat:on, self pleasure, solo sxx and org*sms.


We will do specific practices to open the orgasm:c potential of the body, release  emotional blockages, transform stuck energy and reframe M. patterns. 

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