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This is M.  

Where masturbat:on meets transformation

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This is M. 


The M. team never pauses. They are a hurricane that desires nothing more than a world that is full-on Orgasmic. Since every body is different, M. doesn’t have one single approach or style, instead we offers a wide range of programs and services both on and offline.

M. on Monday 

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Every Monday in November  

M. and Numbness 

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Nov 18  | The M. Team

M. Space XL 

one world tantra festival

20-27 nov 2020 

M. on Monday 

online masturbat:on

Every Monday in December 

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About M.

Welcome to the M world, a place where Masturbat:on meets Transformation. A place to explore, learn, observe, watch and grow. A place to have fun, to let go, to release and to connect.


Kaya once said: Show me how you masturbate, and I will tell you what your life looks like. And it is true; the way you M is a perfect reflection of your daily life. 

Kaya Jiwan started M. to inspire the world to use Masturbat:on as a tool for transformation.

After working with groups and clients from all over the world, she decided that it was time to take M. to the next level and invited her colleagues and students to join forces to make this world a better place.

So come and join us! Explore how you can upgrade your life using Masturbation as a tool for Transformation.



The M. Team


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40 days of M.


We have all you need.

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